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Ozone StrikePro - Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry Brown MX Switches

by Ozone Gaming Gear SALE
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Strong, fast, accurate, configurable, reliable, intuitive and comfortable

Strike Pro leads the evolution of gaming at its best. From the matchless tactile feel of its keys, to the stunning LED backlights, everything in Strike Pro is aimed towards gaming.

Sensitivity is not incompatible with precision. Control is not isolated from speed. The new Ozone keyboard, Strike Pro, combines sensitivity, precision, control and speed in order to facilitate interaction.

Strike Pro

Adjust Polling Rate

Instantly adjust Polling Rate: 125 Hz - 250 Hz - 500 Hz -1000 Hz.

Easy Access Media Keys

Whether it’s audio or video you can instantly control volume, mute and other audio functions.

G-MODE Function

The Game mode option will allow you to disable the windows key when you are in the middle of the action.

Strike Pro


To suit every game and gamer save up to 30 different configurations.

Anti-Ghosting Capability

Flawless control when you're pressing multiple keys at the same time.

Easy Access Media Keys

Whether it’s audio or video you can instantly control volume, mute and other audio functions. 

Strike Pro

USB HUB & Audio

Experience maximum availability and immediacy thanks to the keyboards built in HUB & Audio inputs.

Key Switches for Every Gamer

Pick the key switches that suit you from the four most popular MX CHERRY switch colors – black, red, blue and brown.

What is the best Cherry for a mechanical keyboard ?: Red? Blue? Brown? Black?  It really depends on every gamer, on every use. Strike Pro is available in the four most requested Cherry colors by pro gamers seeking speed and accuracy, an innate characteristics in the new Ozone Strike Pro. You can also configure the response time between the keyboard and the computer from 1ms to 16ms. That said, speed of response and accuracy: Strike Pro, your best gaming partner.

strike pro


Strike Pro

Mechanical keyboards have a special and unique sound. It's the sound of fast swift keystrokes, it's the sound of the keyboards response to your expectations as a gamer, it's the sound of the new Strike Pro. In fact, e-sport professionals have no doubt.

“ For me there is no other option but mechanical keyboards. And there is no other option but the new Ozone Strike Pro. Cherry MX Switches, HUB & Audio inputs, Red LED Backlights, fancy design… So yes, I have many reasons to choose this amazing keyboard for my professional gaming sessions."

- Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong  





  • Keyboard:STRIKE PRO 104 Keys Cherry Switch Mechanical Keyboard
  • Compatible: IBM PC ,Win7,Win8, WinNT,Win2003, Win XP or Win Vista
  • Size: H: 1.3 in x L: 17.4 in x W: 5.3 in
  • Weight: 1300 G (45.9 oz)
  • Cable Length: 1.5m Braided Cable (59 in)
  • Keycaps/ Main Housing:ABS 94HB
  • Inner Metal Plate:SPCC
  • Feet:ABS+TPR
  • Voltage: 4.75V +/- 10%
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 250 mA
  • Memory: 64 KB on board memory
  • Connector: USB 18K gold plated
  • Nkey Rollover: All (104keys) keys with Nkey Rollover (anti-ghost)
  • Working Mode: Normal PC Mode/ Gaming Mode
  • Gaming Mode: Deactivation of Win Key / “AWSD” & “Arrow Keys” function swappable/ Macro Function through Software
  • HUB & Audio: USB x 1 / Audio x 1 / Mic x 1
  • LED Backlit: White LED with Gaming Keys in Red LED / 6 backlit options (OFF/ 100% breathing/ 30%/ 70%/ 100% still / Gaming Key [ESC, QWEASD & 4 Direction Keys] light up only)




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